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Your team at Complete Campaigns has over 100 years of combined political campaign experience at all levels. We’ve personally done everything in campaigns from being the volunteer walking door to door all the way to the candidate who wins local office.


Dean: 25+ years of campaign experience, currently in elected school board office.  Work experience in private and public sector, including financial analysis and business development.  Focused on analysis and issue development. 

Brandon:  12 years of experience working with campaigns and social media. Brandon Harris is an expert and public speaker on social media, marketing, and developing online communities! 


Katy Schactschneider:

university professor/lecturer in government and political science, 4 years experience in local and statewide campaigns, focused on strategy and messaging. 

Jen Denny:

20+ years of experience, including in elected office as a county board member.  Experienced in fundraising support and campaign management. 

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